Beautiful Handmade English Chairs, Storage Solutions and Personalised Giftware
Based in the workshops of Thomas Hotchkiss, Cloakrooms has gained an enviable reputation for producing fine quality woodwork. From the equestrian saddle storage solutions to our range of personalised children's stools and chairs, we have a wide range of truly unique products. We have a multi- skilled team of craftsmen producing the finest woodturnings, steam bending and cabinet making all under one roof. Our windsor chair making workshop is capable of producing single, heirloom chairs, through to large orders for hotels and restaurants and enquiries are always welcome.
Our sister website gives you a wider scope of our bespoke work, but cloakrooms is our shop online.
Cloakrooms Workshop
Our experienced staff at work
Cloakrooms Beautiful Handmade English Chair
Beautiful Handmade English Chair